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Are you so done with having a never-ending to-do list?Erica Duran | Business Coach & Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Designer

Instead of mindless busy work, let’s connect your to-do’s to your actual life and business goals and revenue-generating activities.

I promise you don’t even have to feel guilty with deleting all those things off your list!

I’ve MASTERED this and now enjoy a 2-day-work-week-2-weeks-a-month

(yes, that does translate to only 4 full work days per month)! :)

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On this session, we’ll uncover what you need to STOP doing right away in order to increase your income, how to set up your 2-week-per-month-2-day-per-week-work-week, and the difference between visibility and real revenue-generating activities.

Remember, you can be “internet famous” or you can make money!

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