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Create Your Own High-End Premium Packages and Unchain Yourself From The Dollars-For-Hours Madness!

The Fastest Way I Know Out Of A Dollars-For-Hours Business Model and Chasing the Calendar Each Month To Pay Your Bills (especially as a service-based entrepreneur) Is To Create Premium Packages.

I can honestly say that this is the ONE thing that changed my business and income overnight!

I went from selling $50 one-off sessions to selling a premium package at $12,500 in less than 30 days!

Bonus!  Sales Conversations That Close

Bonus!  Flawless Photoshoots To Position Yourself As A Premium Brand

Bonus!  Sales Page Formulas

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Host Webinars (and other events) In Your Business To Market and Sell For You.  Stop Overcomplicating The Technology and Over-Paying For Expensive Webinar Systems

Ready To Leverage Your Time?

Ready To Massively Grow Your Email List?

Ready To Have A Deeper Connection With Your Audience?

Ready To Up-level Your Expert Positioning and Creditability?

Ready To Convert More Sales? 

Then You are Ready To Host Webinars!

I Made Over $50K In Just ONE Day With A Simple Webinar Presentation…

And Now That Same Webinar Is Still Running On Autopilot Brining In Fresh Leads Daily!

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A Path To Complete Clarity & Confidence So That You Stop Second-Guessing Yourself & Start Receiving Big!

If you find yourself working really hard yet nothing in your business or life is working… alignment is probably that missing piece or “secret” that you are looking for.

Ever see someone who seems to have it all and have it all together?  She is in complete alignment and you can be too.

“Alignment with Aloha” teaches five simple yet powerful daily practices so you can finally throw out your to-do list but get more meaningful and profitable things done than ever before each day.

Plus, it includes several bonuses to keep you in a high-vibe state so you attract more ideal clients to you than you can handle.

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A Simple Launch Formula For Getting Out Of Your Own Way and Creating Fast Cash!


  1.   Your ideas have a shelf life.
  2.   You won’t make any money unless you launch something.
  3.   Your business should be bringing in money every single day.
  4.   New people stumble upon you daily.
  5.   Your prospects are ready to buy when they are ready to solve their problem.
  6.   Perfectionists are usually broke.
  7.   There is NO one right way to do a launch sequence.

I started using this totally customizable Launching with Aloha formula in my business in early 2018 and people think that I’m working more than ever because so many programs come out so quickly!

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Create A Steady Flow Of New Leads Without Burning Out Or Wasting Money On Paid Ads

  • Attraction vs. interruption marketing so you don’t come off as pushy or salesy.
  • Visibility, outreach, and recruiting so you get faster results.
  • The EXACT outreach templates I use for email or social media private messaging so you get an idea on the wording and not have to start from scratch.
  • Tools, systems, structures, and practices you can use so you don’t waste your time with non-ideal clients and “tire kickers”.
  • Ways to outsource and automate the hustle when you are ready without paying for ads forever!
  • Special bonuses to compliment this course!


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Uncover Your Unique Brand Essence So You Can Stand Out Online, Make Your Competition Irrelevant, & Make Every Decision In Your Business & Lifestyle Easier.

  • The basics of branding and what it can do for you/your business
  • How to uncover your unique brand essence
  • How to align with your brand to make your competition irrelevant
  • How to live on brand to make your decision making easier
  • Direct voice & text support on this topic to answer all your questions and receive feedback
  • Bonus!  The steps you need to take to have a flawless photoshoot
  • Bonus!  Create Your Life Resume
  • Bonus!  Uncover Your Core Values and Your Unique
    Brand Essence
  • Bonus!  Multiple 6-Figure Online Business Resource Guide

Ready to uncover your unique brand essence?

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Get Set Up To Receive High-Paying Clients FAST!


What if you knew the exact 10 steps to start receiving high-paying clients and could shut out all the noise?

In this course, I share how to uplevel your mindset along with the practical tools, systems & structures you need to attract your first high-paying clients in just 10 days!

These are the EXACT steps I took to go from broke and struggling to consistently earning $20K+ months.

Over the years I’ve shifted the way I work, but these basic steps are the foundation if you are getting started out with your business and you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, and stressed.

Each day, you’ll receive a bite-sized-ready-to-implement action step.  Action, not theory.

Your small investment ($37) in this course has a huge return on your investment for years to come plus some added bonuses!

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Easily Take Control Of The Sales Process and Sales Conversations So You Can Convert Your Prospects Into Clients Without Feeling Pushy Or Salesy


Do you get nervous when you look at your calendar and see that you have to host a sales conversation later that day?

When you know how to sell with confidence and grace your income explodes!

Learn systems and structures that you can set up before and after the sales conversation you never feel pushy or like you are stalking people following up.

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Easily Create Value-Packed Lead Magnets That Give Your Prospects A Quick Win Or Paradigm Shift So That They Buy Your Next Level Programs/Products

Your email list is the most valuable asset you own in your business – especially if any part of your business is online.

You OWN your list.  You don’t own your Facebook or Twitter followers.

And if you don’t capture someone’s email on your website before they click away – they are gone forever!

There is no way to follow up.

So let’s create your Lead Magnet fast without any second-guessing or overthinking!

In This Program, We’ll Cover…

  • How to avoid overthinking, procrastination, and common mistakes when it comes to creating a lead magnet
  • How to create a lead magnet to grow your list while you sleep
  • The ONE thing that will get people to opt-in (and it isn’t what you give away as a gift)
  • Set up your welcome email series to build your relationship with those who are not quite ready yet for your free consult or to purchase and stay top-of-mind

Enroll In Lead Magnets With Aloha Today!

Coming Soon!

Create & Monetize Your Podcast At Every Level –
Turn Your Expensive Podcasting Hobby Into Cash Now!

Dreaming of Living at 5-Star Resorts For FREE?

Do You Desire To Earn Cash For EVERY Single One Of Your Podcast and/or Video Episodes?

I booked cash and resort sponsors even before I had a show.

I resisted sharing this invaluable information for years!

Now, I’m Ready To Share The Exact Steps With You In My New Program… Podcast Profit Plan.

All the EXACT processes, package and email templates, equipment, pitches, etc. that I used to attract cash and resort sponsors and more!


Coming Soon!

Create Consistent Leads, Build Your List, Create Cash On Demand, and Even Get Your Facebook Ads For Free (or stop paying for them forever!)

Ready To Set Up A Business That Works FOR You (not the other way around)?

Ready To Make Money While You Are Sleeping, Traveling, & Enjoying Your Hobbies and Family? 

Ready To Have Your List and Audience Grow Consistently Without the “Feast or Famine Cycles”?

Ready For For Your Facebook Ads To Pay For Themselves…

Or, Even Stop Paying For Ads Altogether?

Don’t spend years and thousands of dollars testing and overpaying for tools and resources to run your business.  We’ve made all the mistakes for you.

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Club Ali’i Re-Mastermind and Membership Site – VIP Level

Club Ali’i has been completely “re-mastered”.

Traditional Mastermind Groups Are Flawed! (Especially for Introverts)

Club Ali’i Includes:

  • Access To Erica’s High-Level Mentoring At A Much Lower Investment Than Her 1:1 Programs
  • Direct Voice and Text Support Via WhatsApp To Answer All Your Questions and Keep Your Mindset In Check!
  • EVERY Digital Product/Course Created
  • A Powerful Weekly Accountability Feedback Loop That Will Stop The Procrastinating & Keep You Focused and Earning Big!

You can get started TODAY!

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Join The VIP Level of The Club Ali’i Re-Mastermind and Membership Site and Get Them All PLUS On-Demand Coaching & Support Personally From Erica!

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