Erica's Preferred Resources To Run A Multiple 6-Figure Business On Less Than $150 Per Month!

Save time, save money, invest in the right support to take your business out of hobby mode!

Resources To Run Your Freedom-Based Business From Anywhere

Don’t fall for slick marketing on over-priced highly hyped online tools and resources!

Tools are important to run your business, but some companies are so good at marketing that you start believing that you NEED their tool in order to succeed in online business and attract clients.

This is totally not true!

The tools and resources won’t matter if you are out of alignment, your core messaging is off, and you don’t know how to market and sell your products and services.

However, once you have these other pieces in places, basic tools and automation can support your business without having to outsource to humans.

Outsourcing to humans and having a big team can be highly expensive and a headache to manage.

Erica always tries to automate before resorting to outsourcing.

Remember it isn’t the money you make – it is the money you keep that makes a difference in your lifestyle.

So don’t fall for over-priced online tools and resources… but don’t play small and be cheap with your business either.

Erica has over 20 years of research – a never-ending quest for the best tools to support, run and automate your freedom business.

Erica cuts through all the marketing hype and looks for functionality, productivity, a friendly user interface, and a great value for the price.

She is constantly testing and evaluating tools and resources to help you run your freedom based business from anywhere.

Here Are Erica’s Current Top Picks Of Tools and Resources…

Get Found On Google, Get More Leads, Make More Money!

LeadBait Is Right For You If…

  • You want to get found online… but you don’t want to keep paying for Facebook Ads and Google AdWords forever.
  • You want to connect with possible clients and customers all around the world but you don’t want to hustle for 6-8 hours per day on social media,
  • You want to build a relationship with your followers but you don’t want to create countless pieces of free content that will never be seen.

LeadBait is a proprietary way to create landing pages and squeeze pages that are 100% Google Perfect so you get found on Google by ideal clients and customers ready to buy!

Learn More About LeadBait and Create Your First Page TODAY!


*Note:  LeadBait is included in the Googlebait’s Clickbait Program.


The FASTEST Way That I Know To Grow Your Email List AND Close Sales Without Sales Calls = Webinar Ninja

  • Build your email list insanely FAST with webinars!
  • Connect your audience to build the “know-like-trust” factor FAST!
  • Save time by not hosting free consultations one-to-one.  Webinars make your sales calls one-to-many saving you LOADS of TIME!
  • Set it and forget it – put your sales process on autopilot.
  • Sell your services and products directly from the webinar.
  • Set up a webinar in under 1 minute with no tech skills required.
  • and more!

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The Money Is In The List

Don’t chance your number one company asset to a free email marketing service provider.

On the flip side – don’t over complicate or overspend on this part of your business either (don’t fall for Infusionsoft).

We use Aweber to run our email marketing and sales funnels.

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Your Website Needs A Nice Place To Live

Erica and her team have spent YEARS trying to find a hosting company that had both the technical specifications needed AND amazing customer service.

We switched hosting companies every few months for years (always in July for some reason).

July 2018 rolled around and our current hosting completely failed us in customer service and the technical side of things.

We didn’t want to go through moving yet again… but we had no choice.

Then one day Erica heard a whisper while running… “Dreamhost”.

Dreamhost has certainly lived up to its name!

Accounting Built For Entrepreneurs

If you have a real business and not a hobby you need a legit accounting software.

But most accounting programs are written for accountants, not entrepreneurs.

Freshbooks has the entrepreneurs needs in mind and created a system just for us.

It is in the cloud – so you can access it and use it from anywhere and track your receipts on the fly instead of carrying around all that receipt “trash” with you.

Get Your FREE Trial With This Link

Way More Than Just Scheduling A Scheduling Tool!

Never ask “What time works for you?” again!

Acuity Scheduling is much more than just a scheduling tool, you can also create service packages and product sign-up forms, create intake forms, and get paid.

Schedule your client sessions, podcast interviews, group calls, virtual coffee dates, etc.

Sell your packages with sessions built in or just a stand-alone product.

You can easily get your entire online business structure up and running with this tool in just an hour or so at a very low investment.

Try Acuity for FREE today!

(For a little more advanced system for service-based entrepreneurs that revolve around client sessions in particular – see Satori App below.)

Your All-In-One Solopreneur Business Solution

17 Hats is a comprehensive, all-in-one tool that gives you everything to run your business from anywhere!

Calendar, Contracts, Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Lead Forms, CRM, Project Management, Task List, Questionnaires, Quotes, Contacts, Payments, Time Tracking, Workflows, Templates, Email Sync, AND MORE!

But the best thing is that ALL these tools are seamlessly connected!

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Simple, Affordable, Beautiful Scheduling and Client Care System

Use Satori App to automate admin, deliver stellar client experiences, and grow their coaching practice or service-based business with confidence.

Not just selling and scheduling like the Acuity tool above, Satori App is a complete sales and lead management system, complete admin, and complete client care system.

Start Your FREE 30-day No Credit Card Trial Of Satori App today!

Automatically Publish Your Podcasts and Facebook Lives To All Major Media Platforms and Grow Your Audience Faster takes your audio and video feeds and automatically publishes them in different formats across the web.

For example, take your entire podcast RSS feed, load it into

Repurpose makes the audio into a video with artwork, time-stamped show notes, and the soundwave streaming animation and automatically cross-publishes your content on YouTube and Facebook with complete show notes and call to action links.

Or, take your Facebook Lives and cross-promote them to YouTube.

The creators of also have an amazing WordPress Podcast Plugin called Simple Podcast Press that creates a separate blog post for each episode automatically with the featured image and show notes with tons of call to action links.

Then they also have WordPress Plugin called Simple Social Press that creates a separate blog post for each Facebook Live you film!

Check out, Simple Social Press, and Simple Podcast Press Today!

Stop Having To Pay For Ads, Creating Massive Amounts Of Free Content, and Hustling All The Damn Day

Googlebait is a new way of doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the modern online entrepreneur.

Finally, let the power of Google’s free organic search engine work for you to put your business in front of ideal clients and customers automatically.

Learn More About Googlebait and Book Your FREE SEO Strategy Session Today!

Everything I Own Except The Jeep!

Check out my Amazon Favorites!

I am a digital nomad living in minimalist luxury.

This is literally everything I own to work from anywhere and “live” at resorts and Airbnbs.

This Amazon Storefront is updated frequently so bookmark it and check back often!


Want More Resources + Live Support?

For even more tools and resources to run a multiple 6-figure business from anywhere and the direct live support from Erica so that your messaging and systems & structures are up to speed check out Club Ali’i Re-Mastermind and Membership Site.

Everyone that joins Club Ali’i receives a comprehensive resource guide on even more tools and resources to run every aspect of your freedom business and luxury lifestyle from podcasting to mindset to SEO.