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I am so excited to be working with you!

This information is for Private 1:1 clients only.

On This Page Below You’ll Find…

  • Welcome and Preparation Packet
  • Implementation Week Schedule
  • Recommended Books
  • Optional Journal Practices

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Welcome/Preparation Packet

The Client Guidelines Handbook has all the information you need about your program and sessions.

The Welcome & Preparation Packet is a typeable document to take the first steps in building your freedom based business & luxury lifestyle.

If at all possible, it is highly recommended to have a pattern interrupt out of your normal routine and get into a high-vibe environment to start shifting your energy and thinking when working through these materials.

Even if it is just a beautiful hotel lobby or cafe nearby – a change of scenery does wonders!

Well, grab a cup of tea, or glass of pressed green juice (or wine :) and take your time with the Welcome and PreparatiPacketket.

Welcome & Preparation Packet for 1:1 Clients

>>>>> UPDATE:  No Formal Implementation Weeks Scheduled For The Summer.  Schedule Your Sessions Anytime As Needed Through The Scheduling System. <<<<<

Implementation Week Schedule

Implementation Weeks are for you to have the time and space to implement the actions for what you are trying to achieve.

From coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs the last few years, I noticed that once a month, like clockwork, every client would want a week without their session so that they could tackle a big project, recover from an illness, or take a trip.

Usually, you won’t have a Skype session during this week unless you have a business emergency and really could use the support.

I always keep a few spots open on my calendar for business emergencies, however, you will see that there are no slots available on the scheduling link.  If you would like a session during Implementation Week, please email our Concierge Team at aloha@ericaduran.co

Here are some sample implementation week activities…

Tackle a big project like your website.

If you haven’t reached your sales/income goal for the month yet…. Hustle with Aloha.

Get ahead of your content (blog, email marketing mailers, social media posts, podcasts, etc.) for the next month.

If you’ve completed all the above – take the week off and enjoy! :)

Journal Practices

Journal Guidebook

Daily Journal Template

Weekly Session Journal

Recommended Reading

Here are some recommended books to get you started…


Think & Grow Rich

Miracle Morning eBook

The Science Of Getting Rich