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Have you thought about adding podcasting to your marketing plan?

Or, maybe you have a podcast but it just isn’t earning its keep.

I’m in the middle of creating a new program to help people launch, get sponsors, and monetize their podcast and I would love to help you strategize if podcasting is right for you and your business absolutely for free on a virtual coffee date.

Podcasting has opened so many doors for me.

I’ve received…

• New connections (where I wouldn’t normally in their circles)

• New clients

• Use of luxury rental cars

• Fully-paid luxury resort stays

• Cash

• Ranking higher on Google

• The use of products and tools at no charge

• And More!

Podcasting isn’t right for everyone, but with the number of people getting access to smartphones all around the world, it is a platform that going to continue to grow.  Many don’t have a computer at all and only use their smartphone!

If you would like to explore if podcasting is right for you or how to monetize on you already publish add your name and email to the box below and click “Waitlist Me!”

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Don’t Want To Wait For Podcast Profit Plan?

You don’t have to!

You can book your FREE private Aloha Strategy Session today!

On this session, we’ll uncover what podcast monetization strategy is right for you, what you can do right away to become more attractive to sponsors and brand partners, and what could be blocking you from earning money with your podcast.

Book your FREE Aloha Strategy Session today by clicking here.

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