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LeadBait Is Right For You If…

  • You want to get found online… but you don’t want to keep paying for Facebook Ads and Google AdWords forever.
  • You want to connect with possible clients and customers all around the world but you don’t want to hustle for 6-8 hours per day on social media,
  • You want to build a relationship with your followers but you don’t want to create countless pieces of free content that will never be seen.

LeadBait is a proprietary way to create landing pages and squeeze pages that are 100% Google Perfect so you get found on Google by ideal clients and customers ready to buy!

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*Note:  LeadBait is included in the Googlebait’s Clickbait Program.

One-to-one private mentorship with Erica Duran, Business Coach

Did You Spend Months Of Your Precious Time and Thousands of Dollars Building Your Website, and No One Is Coming To See It?

This isn’t your traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy – it is completely unique!

We create Googlebait Perfect SEO Pages™ that will be found by your ideal clients and customers and lead them to buy.

In the Googlebait Program, we also do all the traditional SEO strategies to your existing site if you have one.  Even if you’ve paid for traditional SEO services before, we’ve found that traditional SEO companies don’t do what they promise and you have no way of knowing due to the high-tech involved.

Is Googlebait right for your business?  Googlebait is right for anyone in business if you want humans to come to your website and buy things or take a specific action.

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Use Your Competitors’ Backlinks Against Them!

The Linkbait Program Includes…

  • We Find ALL Of Your Competitors’ Backlinks
  • We Find The Page Rank For All Links
  • We Rate The Backlinks And Throw Out The “Trash” Links That Hurt Your Competitors’ Ranking
  • We Give You Only The Links That Will Help Your Page Rank
  • We Include Comprehensive Video Training And Guidebook On What To Do Now That You Have All These Awesome Links

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*Note:  Linkbait is included in Googlebait’s Clickbait Program.

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