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Create Consistent Leads, Build Your List, Create Cash On Demand, and Get Your Facebook Ads For Free

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Ready To Set Up A Business That Works FOR You (not the other way around)?

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Well Then Aloha!  You Are In The Right Place!


I’m Erica Duran.

A Business Coach, Podcaster, Digital Marketing Expert, Digital Nomad, and Minimalist.

The word “funnel” can really bubble up a lot of fear for entrepreneurs who what to market online and live the “laptop lifestyle”.

They want to automate so that they can have more free time and work less, yet they don’t want their business to become impersonal and robotic.

Just basic technology of marketing your business online can be extremely overwhelming… so what about when we add that other layer of complexity of funnels?

Funnels don’t have to be complicated, impersonal, or expensive.


If You Are Looking For A Totally Complicated-Highly-Tech Way To Build A Funnel, You Are In The Wrong Place.


If You Are Looking For Expensive Overkill Funnel Building Software That You Have To Pay Monthly For You Are Also In The Wrong Place.


If You Want to “Set It And Forget It” and Take All The Personality Out Of Your Business You Are In The Wrong Place.

I’ve Been Putting Together Simple, Personal, Uncomplicated Sales Funnels For Years!


And My Team and I Have Been Perfecting Our Software Platform That Sends Unlimited Leads To Your Site So You Can STOP Paying For Ads Once and For All!


Now, I’m Ready To Put All These Pieces Together and Share It With You In My New Program…

 Funnels, Traffic, & Tripwires!

Create Consistent Leads, Build Your List, Create Cash On Demand, and Get Your Facebook Ads For Free (or even stop paying for ads altogether)!

10 Days To Snagging Your First High-Paying Client Course with Erica Duran

My Goals For You In Funnels, Traffic, and Tripwires Are…

You Have An Understanding Of A Powerful Funnel System That You Can Use Over and Over Again

A Strategy For Selling Low to High-End Offers

A Seamless Funnel System That Doesn’t Add A Monthly Subscription To Your Budget

Automation Of Your List Building So That You Never Experience The “Feast or Famine” Cycle Again!

A Sophisticated Way For You To Attract and Nurture More and More People As Your Audience Grows Yet With A Personal Touch

A Tripwire Strategy So That You Turn A Visitor Into A Customer In Minutes

Exactly How To Create Your Optin Freebie Offer So That You Don’t Waste Any More Time Thinking About What To Offer

How To Create A Spiral Marketing Effect In Your Business So That Your Offers Are Stacked Correctly From Low To High

How To Always Lead Your Client/Customer To Take The Next Step With You

An Understanding On Email Marketing and How To Write Copy That Converts

How To Cover Your Facebook Ad Spend With Your Funnel (and how to stop paying for ads forever!)

How To Create Premium Packages So You Can Say “Aloha” (goodbye) to the Dollars-For-Hours Model

Easily Create Value-Packed Lead Magnets That Give Your Prospects A Quick Win Or Paradigm Shift So That They Buy Your Next Level Programs/Products

A Way To Up-level Your Business So That You Stand Out From The Crowds Hustling In Facebook Groups All Day

How To Use Social Media To Drive People From Their Favorite Platform To Your Pages and Offers

An EXCLUSIVE Look At A Platform That Sends Unlimited Leads From Google To Your Offers, Landing Pages, and Online Stores without Paying For Ads.

What’s Included In Funnels, Traffic, & Tripwires?

Through A Collection of Audios, Videos, Guidebooks, and Templates You’ll Learn…

A Complete Funnel Breakdown Of The Exact Funnel That I've Had On "Rinse and Repeat" For Years! Use Simple High-Converting Optin Pages, to Sell Tripwires, Entry-Level Offers, and Signature Offers.

Easily Dream Up, Decide, and Create Value-Packed Lead Magnets Quickly That Will Give Your Prospects A Quick Win Or Paradigm Shift So That They Buy Your Next Level Programs/Products

Turn Visitors Into Paying Clients Within Minutes With Tripwires and Then Set The Stage To Up-sell To Your Mid-Range and Premium Offers

How To Put Spiral Marketing To Work For You - Support Everyone At Any Price Point, Create Daily Cash Flow, Sell Low To Premium Packages and Your Signature Offer

Steal My Funnel Email Swipe Files To Make Them Your Own and Get Up And Running Fast!

Learn Strategies For Using Social Media Platforms That Creates Warm Leads and Positions You In Front Of Your Competition

How To Use Webinars and Other Events To Keep Your Funnel Working For You Even When You Are Not Working


Advanced Strategy: Introduction To A Platform That Was Created To Explode Your Online Visibility Through Google's Free Organic Search


I am constantly updating this content inside the program.  As I uplevel and my business and knowledge expand I want to share it all with you!  You receive the information without having to re-purchase anything.

Plus You’ll Receive…Support and Coaching with Erica Duran From Erica Duran via WhatsApp

Direct Coaching and Support From Erica Through WhatsApp To Answer All Of Your Questions On How To Attract and Work with Brands/Sponsors.

Plus You’ll Receive All Of These Bonuses!

My COMPLETE "Lead Magnets with Aloha" Program (normally alone a $197 value)

My COMPLETE "Premium Package Basics" Program (normally alone a $157 value)

My COMPLETE "Webinars With Aloha" Program (normally alone a $97 value)

Club Ali'i 6-Figure Online Business Resource Guide Cover | Erica Duran

And Yet Another Bonus!

You’ll Receive Erica’s 6-Figure Online Business Resource Guide When You Enroll!

Ready To Get Started?

The “Funnels, Traffic and Tripwires!” Program Begins January 29th 2019, But You Can Grab Your Spot NOW!


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Funnels, Traffic, and Tripwires! ($99/Month for 7 Months)

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About Erica Duran

Erica is a Freedom Business Model Mentor, Luxury Lifestyle Designer, Digital Marketing Expert, and Minimalist

She launched her online empire in 2004 and quickly grew it to a 6-figure business in just 9 months.

She gives expert guidance, support, and accountability to service-based entrepreneurs so that they can build a business doing what they love and work from anywhere earning a consistent $5K-$20K+ per month.

She recently founded and to help her clients outsource some of the hustle to Google.

She’s a down to earth, relatable, tell-it-like-it-is coach and businesswoman who creates massive results and regularly hits unrealistic goals (and helps her clients do the same) by leveraging a blend of inspired action and intuition with the most effective online marketing strategy.

Erica’s list of clients ranges from brand new business owners to 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs across the online spectrum from authors, speakers, coaches, professional organizers, attorneys, web designers, network marketers, healers, creatives and more.

She leads her community to build businesses and live lives full force, without hesitation, with great impact AND income.

She is a digital nomad that travels full-time staying in AirBnBs and resorts that sponsor her podcast and videos.

Erica’s brand and business are projected to cross the 7-figure mark in 2019.