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Now, A Little About Me...

Erica Duran’s Professional Bio:

Erica Duran, Business Coach & Mentor | Freedom Based Lifestyle Designer

Erica Duran, Business Coach and Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Designer

Erica Duran Is The Business Coach For Modern Online Entrepreneurs and a Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Designer.

She works with service-based entrepreneurs (like Professional Organizers, Coaches, and Consultants) who are ready to make money doing work they love from anywhere.

Erica believes that the one thing this world doesn’t need is more burnt out, overwhelmed women entrepreneurs who are baffled by technology and stressed over their never-ending to-do lists.

She doesn’t believe in formulas or blueprints and instead works with each client to bring out their unique brand essence which makes their competition irrelevant and helps them to build a solid online platform.

She also supports her clients in creating the systems and structures so they can often enjoy the freedom of a 3-day work week and consistent income of $5K to $20K+ per month.

For Erica, freedom meant selling her home & all her belongings except for a MacBook Air, iPhone, juicer, a day planner, one suitcase of clothes and her dogs to take off on a life of traveling on long-term “work-cations” working virtually from 5-star resorts who sponsor her radio podcast and web TV show.

American Express Small Business Open Forum has dubbed her as “The Productivity Expert for Entrepreneurs”.

She has been awarded “Best of Newport Beach Business Management Consultant”, “The Top 1% of all Viewed Profiles” on LinkedIn & one of the “Top 100 SEO Experts to Follow on Twitter”.

She is the host of the all-new Freedom Based Lifestyle Design Radio Podcast & Web TV Show hosted and sponsored by the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort in Hawaii and other luxury resorts around the globe.

Erica has over 100 published articles and she is an expert contributor for AMEX Small Business Open Forum, Franklin-Covey, Mashable, LifeHacker, Under 30 CEO, Ladies Home Journal, Secret Entourage, GoFireYourself, JenningsWire & more.

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Erica Duran's Signature

Erica Duran, High-Level Business Coach & Mentor | Freedom Based Lifestyle Designer

Erica Duran

Business Coach & Freedom Based Lifestyle Designer

A Little More Personal...

Erica Duran’s Informal Bio:

(a more fun and personal bio :)

Aloha, I’m Erica Duran, and I’ve been a veteran entrepreneur for over 20 years. I am a Business Coach and Mentor and a Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Designer. I also have a strong background in sales, marketing and technology.

But here is the real inside story…

“I Always Knew I Was Meant to be an Entrepreneur…”

I worked in corporate America for about 15 years during college and after I graduated but I always had some little business “on the side”.

Erica Duran shares how she left her cushy corporate America job.

Ever feel like you are wasting your life at a job you hate?

I would get so excited when I would get involved in a new business opportunity! Saying things like: “This time it was going to work. This time it would be my ticket out of the cubicle!”

I was pretty much a “star” employee in corporate America with fancy titles like Director of Operations, National Sales Director and Vice President of Sales & Marketing, CEO of the first nationwide short sale company, and Coordinator of Venture Capital.

I also had fancy licenses such as Investment Series 6, 63 and 26, mortgages, real estate and life insurance.

But, I was literally DYING inside every day I had to go “to work”. It was making me physically ill.

I was making a good living and doing work that I highly praised, but the work was draining my energy every single day.

I was so RESTLESS!

I always thought the grass was greener so I would leap to other companies thinking that it would be better “over there”.

It never was.

I bounced from job to job for years!   They were “good jobs”, but they were still jobs.  The jobs would usually end badly like getting “reprimanded” for giving my honest opinion when I was asked  in a meeting or getting caught up in some crazy political pissing contest.

One day, the politics got so disgusting, I packed up my car at lunchtime, left the building, and never went back!

My Life Felt So Complicated All Of a Sudden!

Quitting my job with no “Plan B” was not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

But, I was so unhappy and it was starting to affect my marriage (at the time), my health, and overall attitude about life.

I just had to get off this hamster wheel!

I just had to get off this hamster wheel!

Was I going to go through a “cooling off” period again and then take my tail right back to corporate this time?

Was I going to finally sell everything, get out of debt and downsize to get off this hamster wheel?

I was going from one job to the next and I didn’t love any of them.

I was working lots of hours to pay for things that I didn’t really want or need and to top it off I had no time to enjoy these items that were making me work and earn so much in the first place!

I had such a long commute that I had no time to shop for healthy foods or do any cooking, or get to the gym as often as I would have liked.

I also went through two painful divorces over these turbulent years.

The various “business opportunities” after the work day and on weekends that turned out to be mostly scams or impossible to make a decent living where I could replace my high corporate income.


Then One Day I Woke Up From This So-called Suburban “Fairy Tale”…

I realized that I NEVER actually sat down and thought about what I really wanted.

Between graduating college, getting married, going from job to job, getting unmarried, buying and selling homes, getting married again, buying new cars, buying the latests gadgets, raising 3 corgis and filling up my home and credit cards with clutter – I didn’t give myself a moment to figure out what I actually wanted!

I didn’t want a high-level corporate job (even if there were benefits and stock options), I didn’t want a luxury car, I didn’t want a white picket-fenced house in a gated community and I didn’t want all that clutter and “stuff”.

I tried to remember or uncover down to my core and figure out what I REALLY wanted in my life. After a lot of 6+-hour walks on the beach just thinking, I decided that the following items are what I truly wanted.

View of Newport Beach

I got the view I had always wanted!

Here is the list I came up with:

I wanted a home-base in Newport Beach, CA with ocean view, no matter what.

I wanted to set my own hours.

I wanted to be able to walk to the neighborhood places I needed to go, not drive.

Take your dog to work!

I love being able to work from anywhere and spend more time with my pups!

I wanted to be able to work anywhere in the world and live places for a few months at a time so I could really soak up the culture.

I wanted to have my dogs with me all day while I worked.

I never wanted to wear pantyhose or fly coach again!

Yep, that was pretty much it.


The Big Decision…

So, one day I made a decision to sell almost everything I owned.

I sold my perfect home in a planned community and moved to a tiny little apartment that overlooked the beach. This is where I wanted to be, closer to fresh air, unique restaurants in walking distance, a beach running trail and I could even hear seals barking in the harbor from my balcony!

I LOVE hearing these guys bark from my balcony!

I LOVE hearing these guys bark from my balcony!

Selling my home and almost all of my belongings also gave me some seed money and the ability to take time off to start something new that was all mine and not another multi-level company and leave the 9-to-5 (sometimes past 11 PM) corporate life once and for all.

I finally had time to think about what I wanted to do as far as a business rather than just “join” some direct selling scheme.

This “break” from my “job” also gave me a lot of time to research health, fitness, and green living for my own well-being and the environment.

Sadly Though…

Sadly, though, doing all this soul searching and growing caused me to grow apart from my husband and we eventually separated our lives.

The end of my corgi family

Hitting Rock Bottom (more than once) and Bouncing Back (but this time for good)…

I had always known that my passion was for organizing, time management, and systems. But, I kept starting business ventures based on the money I was going to make, not my passions.

Because the businesses I would create and the consulting jobs I would take on were “just for the money” they never really grew into their full potential. I would make huge amounts of money only to lose it all over and over and over again!

When it was good, it was really good, and I had all the luxuries you could think of. But, when it was bad it was really bad and I sometimes had to reach out for government programs and there were about three times when I was just about one week away from being homeless!

Those “11th” hour miracles are scary!

So, in 2004 I decided to stop consulting other companies and start my own called “Clutter Bugs” and then “The Clutter Bug Store” – an online global consignment store so we could sell the items our clients were no longer using.

I grew Clutter Bugs into multiple 6-figure-business for over 8 years. And, even turned it into a franchise of fifteen locations across the U.S.

Then, I was over it!

Be careful not to just trade one trap for another.

Be careful not to just trade your “job” trap for a “business” trap.

I was bored and depressed and needed to grow the business into something that matched how I was evolving. Again, my passion was organizing, but now I was in the business of selling franchises and running a warehouse filled with our clients’ clutter.

And, now I was stuck in ONE location again, the consignment store warehouse was in Long Beach, CA and “had” to be there. This is not the remote working arrangement I had dreamed about!

Once again, I was doing things and making decisions because of money, not my passions. (You would think I would have learned the first time!).

I was feeling so trapped! So I sold the business and the proprietary software that I had created for an online consignment store.

What Changed Everything Once and Forever…

At this point, I felt more lost than ever! I had built the organizing business I thought I wanted and I still wasn’t happy! What would I do now?

This is when I stumbled upon business and life coaching. I had no idea these people existed! At first, I felt I didn’t need a coach. After all, I felt that I was pretty smart and could figure this predicament out myself.

Then I thought to myself “You’ve been trying to ‘figure’ things out all by yourself for over 30 years! Maybe it is time to get a second opinion!”

I signed up for a year-long high-level coaching program (thank you AMEX) and it literally changed my whole life and business!

I truly believe that coaching is the most powerful force on earth!”

I now have complete clarity on what I want in my life!

My business fits my lifestyle, I am not trying to cram “living” in-between business tasks. I’ve obtained everything on that list I spoke about earlier.

I am getting more and more done by working very little hours (about 3 days a week for the most part) and the work is not hard at all – it just flows!  (Psst… and  did you know that when you work “in flow”, procrastination doesn’t rear its ugly head!)

After a year of coaching and reworking my life from the inside out, I was ready to start another business.

This time, I was going to be completely stubborn on what I wanted and didn’t want.

I was not going to do anything just because it sounded like it would make money.

I had to fall in love with everything I was doing and if I started feeling stuck and falling out of love, the project would end immediately.

So, In 2012, I launched Erica Duran International (what you read all about in the “formal” bio above). With the new company, I have the freedom to launch anything I want without changing the name or the branding of the company and I LOVE that freedom!

I LOVE that all my mistakes and all the things that I’ve learned over the years were not a waste because I use every experience, success, and pitfall to help entrepreneurs and business owners who are struggling.

I LOVE that my new lifestyle delivered everything I wanted that list I made so long ago… an ocean view, ability to work from anywhere in the world for extended periods of time and set my own hours with my dogs at my feet all day…no pantyhose required!

"Work-cation®" - Working and playing from virtually anywhere!

“Work-cation” – Working and playing from virtually anywhere!

Whew!  Now, We Are All Caught Up!

Well, Not Exactly…

I was feeling restless again after Erica Duran International reached multiple six-figures in less than eight months. I decided to de-clutter and sell what little stuff was left from my first attempt at being a minimalist in 2004 when I sold my house.

So, in the summer of 2013 I sold absolutely everything I didn’t need or want down to the last spoon! I piled car with my Macbook Air, my iPhone, some clothes, my day planner, a juicer, my dogs and their stuff. (Frankly, the dogs had more stuff than I did!). I took off to various states for eight months.

This was to accomplish three things:

One, to get away from everything I’ve known and get some perspective.

Two, to test a theory out for a book and future program I’m crafting called “Urban Escape.”

Three, because I met a lot of my clients face-to-face they expected the coaching to be face-to-face. This puts a cramp in my “live remotely” desire. It wasn’t the clients’ fault we continued to meet in person, it was mine. So, I took myself out of the area and continued coaching over the phone and email and everyone was happy.

I learned so much while on this adventure! I can’t wait to share more in my new book “Urban Escape”. I would describe this book as “Eat, Pray, Love” by Liz Gilbert meets “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss.

Being away and living in various states (and sometimes showing up in a place and not knowing where I was going to live!). I decided that having a home base was important to me!  I thought about it and “home” really was in beautiful Newport Beach, California where I had lived for a seven-year span without moving once (that is a record for me!).

I returned to live in Newport with Java, my mini long-haired Dachshund.

Erica Duran and Java

Erica Duran and “Java” Lava Johnson


“Nesting” Only Lasted Eight Months!  I Wanted My Digital Nomad Lifestyle Back!

After about eight months “nesting” in Newport Beach.  I realized that I was just seeking a “home” to get through some painful family diseases and their eventual deaths.  I wanted to cocoon in a place that was familiar to grieve.

An unexpected trip awakened my adventurous spirit again.  I had to drive from California across Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to pick up a puppy that a friend found online.  That trip refocused me on what I wanted again and the joy of the new puppy snapped me out of all the sadness and grief.

All my dogs’ names were after some sort of coffee drink.  So what was I to name this one?  Ahhh Cafe “Vienna” Latte!  A coffee drink, a tribute to my corgi Latte that passed and Vienna (sausage) for my new little cocktail weenie!

Erica and Cafe Vienna

Erica and Cafe “Vienna” Latte in San Antonio, TX

So, What Do I Really Do All Day?

Typically, I work about 3 days per week – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I support, give expert guidance and accountability to new and established entrepreneurs virtually from anywhere in the world.

Sometimes I am asked to speak to a group, be a guest on a podcast, or I host my own events and workshops.

Most of my day is spent listening and/or reading the dream lifestyles and goals of my clients and then working with them to make them happen.

I spend time building relationships with amazing women online and offline.

I also help with challenges and questions from my entrepreneur clients and then coming up with custom solutions and systems to attempt to alleviate the problem for them.

I spend a lot of time designing websites for myself and clients and then optimizing them for search engines like Google.

I feel my work is so fulfilling now, and I am finally doing what I was meant to do! It is so amazing to see my clients actually achieve what they say they want.

Sometimes it takes a few tries, but when the system or idea works for them – it is like magic! The clients get a system so they can literally “set and forget it”, increase their revenues and get on with the living life they’ve always dreamed of.

Usually, after most of my projects and tasks are done for the day, (or if I just need a break from the computer!), I run or walk along the beach or do some other physical activity.

For three days out of the month, I work in big content producing batches for my blog, podcast or videos, projects, marketing, and future programs in a fully focused manner.

A few days throughout the month I travel to a client or I host in the luxury resort where I am “living” at the moment, VIP Day Intensive Luxury Experiences.  This is a half or full day intensive where clients get clarity around their lifestyle and business and get FAST results!

In 2015, I launched a Podcast Radio Show and YouTube TV Channel!  I am so grateful that my favorite 5-star resorts on the planet have offered to host and sponsor my new shows!

The Erica Duran Show | Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Design Radio

The Erica Duran Show | Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Design TV

I am “Virtually Famous” and on the expert panel and/or contribute to the following publications and organizations:

Erica Duran Is Virtually Famous!

Affiliations and Memberships:

I used to belong to a TON of networking groups and associations! Then, two things happened.

One, my website took off and there was no justification for the time and money spent on these groups as a marketing activity for business anymore. Although, I did miss the people and friends I had made in these groups

Two, I started traveling for months at a time and would miss so many meetings I just wasn’t worth it to join these associations anymore.

Plus, I liked traveling and getting my clients over the internet way more than sitting listening to a bunch of people trying to sell me something I didn’t need and getting served bad “networking” food.

I am currently evaluating a few new associations to join with highly professional and successful men and women that are fun, productive and not too “stuffy”. Do you know of any? Email your suggestions to

Want To Know A Little More?


I attended California Polytechnic State University, Pomona and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. I sometimes find it ironic that I have a culinary “cooking” degree and now I am an active raw vegan. In addition, I earned an Associates Degree in Business Administration.

I was licensed in life insurance and securities (Series 6, 63, and 26) and real estate in the state of California. I was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a nationwide Short Sale/Loan Auditing Company for many years.

I am a “recovering” (you never really get over being OCD) Professional Organizer of 15 years, Certified (CPO®) for the last 3 years. Yes, there is really a test for this stuff. Being certified means that I took a long exam and have well over 1,500 of paid organizing related hours on record with The Board of Certified Professional Organizers®. We are taught to not just fix your efficiency problems but to also transfer skills and set up systems that compliment your personality and work style.


Still Want to Know More?

What Do I Love:

Dogs – of course!  They are such amazing, loving, innocent creatures!

I am working on a wellness website for dogs called Fountain of Woof.

Erica Duran Created Fountain of Woof

A new foundation by Erica Duran to help infirm dog and older dogs “Unleash Their Inner Pup”!

For over fifteen years, I’ve also had three Pembroke Welsh Corgis that mean everything in the world to me named: Starbucks, Kona and Latte.

Erica Duran and her corgis: Starbucks, Kona, & Latte

Erica Duran and her corgis: Starbucks, Kona, & Latte


What Are Some Other Favorites?…

I love sunsets, Starbucks Coffee, wine tasting, plumerias, Gerbera daisies, Apple Computers, sea creatures, butterflies, Tiffany & Co., new puppy smell, French & Hawaiian Culture, waterfalls, VW Beetles, raw gourmet cooking, entertaining, and staying up really late at night.

And seriously, I love learning about new marketing techniques and personal development. During my free time, I have to force myself not to read about these subjects and broaden my interests.

My favorite activities are running, hiking, yoga, traveling, reading, finding great authentic (not chain) restaurants, farmer’s markets, exploring hotels, Broadway plays, and moving (weird?).

My favorite places in the world: The Hawaiian Islands, Florida Keys, The Queen Mary, Monterey Bay & Carmel CA, Disney Theme Parks, ships, and a spa in any city :).

People that Inspire Me:

Jillian Michaels, Tim Ferriss, Jimmy Fallon, Bethenny Frankel, and Walt Disney

Music, Movies, Books, TV, Magazines:

I don’t like having a TV in my home, but sometimes I catch things online on my terms without commercials.

I stopped subscribing to magazines about four years ago – too many ads for so little actual information in the articles.

I love music! It really is the soundtrack to your life and can change your energy, mood, and environment in an instant! I like everything from world music, new age, classical and jazz to Top 40 to hardcore rap! The only music that never really grew on my was rock and country. I also love music from Broadway shows.

My favorite all-time movies are Titanic (my 2nd wedding was even themed after Titanic on the Queen Mary ship!) I also love Gone With the Wind and any Disney movie.

As far as books…there are seriously too many to list here. But here are a few that I’ve read over and over:

“Gone With the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell

“The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss

“7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey

“E-Myth” by Michael Gerber

“Hawaii” by James A. Michener

“Turning Pro” and “Do The Work” by Stephen Pressfield

And about 50 books on the Titanic and other shipwrecks.

My Secret Quirks:

I am fascinated with books, movies, and museums that explore shipwrecks and other disasters.

Also, I REALLY hate cleaning and folding laundry! Everyone thinks I LOVE folding laundry, but I DON’T!!! I never learned how to iron. I like the results of domestic chores but hate the time it takes away from work or fun so I mostly delegate all household chores these days. This outsourcing gives other women in my community a job too!

My Not-So-Secret Quirks:

I LOVE moving! I had moved once a year until I landed in Newport Beach, CA.  But even though I was staying in one place for several years, once a year I would “pretend” to move and clear everything out, clean it deeply and put it back.

I don’t do that too much anymore because now I only have one suitcase and a few boxes.  Frankly, those few boxes are starting to annoy me!

I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life, but I became hard-core vegan on April 5, 2012, after my father was diagnosed with cancer-related consuming too much meat. I’m loving that my choices are helping myself, the animals and the environment. Then, I went even more extreme and became a raw vegan in October 2013 after my father passed away. I didn’t go to the raw food extreme directly because of my father’s death, but as I learned more and more about the havoc that meat and dairy are on humans I switched. I thought I had energy before, but going raw has given me amazing mental focus, energy, and clarity. Now I feel so good – like this is how humans are supposed to feel!  I would saw I am about 80% raw vegan these days.

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Erica Duran Freedom Based Lifestyle Deisgn Coach | Published Productivity Expert | Web Developer & SEO Specialist

Erica DuranHigh-Level Business Coach & Mentor and Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Designer

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