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Welcome to the Erica Duran Show – Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Design Radio Episode 93 – Freedom and Mastery From Puerto Rico with John Lee Dumas.

I’m calling in from Hilton Waikoloa Village on Hawaii Island.

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Today we’ll be speaking to another Freedom Fanatic JLD – John Lee Dumas, who just picked up his life and purchased a luxury home in Puerto Rico.

I was on his mega podcast EOFire (Entrepreneur on Fire) back in July 2016 and now he is here with me to promote his new Mastery Journal.

John Lee Dumas is the host of EOFire, where he interviews today’s most successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week.

JLD has grown EOFire into a multi-million dollar a year business with over 1500 interviews and 1.5 million monthly listens.

His latest project is The Mastery Journal: Master productivity, discipline, and focus in 100 days. Learn more at!

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John Lee Dumas and I chatted about…

  • The reasons and logistics of John picking up his life and business to move to Puerto Rico and purchase a luxury home there.
  • His Mastery Journal launch and how it can help you to not let your business be run by your mood or feelings.  The Mastery Journal helps you stay productive, focused, and disciplined so you can reach your goals faster.
  • We also talked about the fact that no matter how successful you become there is still a little twinge of fear with each new level and each new offering or product that you launch.
  • We discussed the pros and cons of the evergreen model versus the traditional launch model.
  • And more!

Let’s get into the conversation with John…

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[Ep 93] Freedom and Mastery From Puerto Rico with John Lee Dumas and Erica Duran

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