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Welcome to the Erica Duran Show – Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Design Radio Episode 92 – 5 Strategies To Snag Even More High-Paying Clients Fast!

I’m calling in from Hilton Hawaiian Village on the island of Oahu.

And you probably didn’t know that there were penguins in Hawaii but they do and they live here at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Now if you didn’t know, I have a webinar, a 10-Day challenge, and an e-Book all about how to snag high-paying clients.

You can get all the information for those free offerings as you scroll down this page.

And for the e-Book and 10-day Challenge, you can go to

The 10-day Challenge will really set you up for the foundation of your entire business.

Many tips and exercises that a lot of other coaches don’t get into because they perhaps think it isn’t related to attracting high-paying clients.

But it is actually all related, right? 

When you really look at the big picture.

But beyond the tips and strategies in those free gifts, I wanted to give you 5 more strategies to snag even more high-paying clients fast!

So these are the strategies you might use when you want to create a boost in your cash flow.

And I’m pretty sure you’ve heard all of these tips before, but I’m going to share them again because I, myself, need a constant reminder of these tried and true strategies that work.

It funny how we get caught up in the day-to-day activities and also one the other hand the big vision or long-term goals and we sometimes need a reminder of the basics.

Also, every time you hear the same strategies or tips over and over again – they really are not the same to you because you’ve changed so much.

So for me – I heard these tips again just last week and it was as if it was all new information and ideas and a-ha’s because I was coming from a different place in my life and business.

I also know that a lot of business coaches listen to this podcast so I really want them to listen up because they can use these 5 strategies and walk their clients through them.

I mentor a lot of other aspiring business coaches for some reason.

Business coaches want their clients to have success.

You will really be helping your own clients if you walk them through and discuss these strategies with them.

Well, let’s get into these 5 Strategies To Snag Even More High-Paying Clients Fast!

You’ve heard these strategies before.

I’ve heard these strategies before.

But we really need to pull them out and remind ourselves whenever we are in a slump or just want an influx of new clients and cash flow to reach a financial goal or manifest something we are really desiring.

When you hear the strategies again you are coming from a new place in your life and business and they all can seem new again.

Or, if you are like me, you say, “I knew that!  How on Earth did I forget this?”

It is just because we are bombarded with new ideas and marketing tactics all the time.

But these 5 strategies work, no matter what type of marketing gimmick you are using.

It isn’t the tools you are using to deliver your marketing – these are the traditional strategies that work throughout time.

Here Are 5 Strategies To Snag Even More High-Paying Clients Fast!

1. Do More Of What Has Been Working Best

This is that pesky 80/20 Rule showing up again.

80% of your clients will come from 20% of your marketing activities.

[Tweet “80% of your clients will come from 20% of your marketing activities.”]

So simply – do more of that.

Do more of the 20% of the activities that are attracting your clients and literally stop doing the other random 80%.

This is really true in my business.

80% of my clients come from this podcast and Facebook

I also know that the people that say they came from the podcast probably didn’t really find me on the podcast but on Facebook.

For me, Facebook is my 80% and I’d say 20% if from Google or personal referrals.

So what marketing activity are you doing that is bringing in 80% of your clients?

You really need to go back into your files and see where everyone came from.

Don’t try to guess in your head because the numbers will be off.

You’ll most likely be surprised at what you find.

And the flip side of this – think of all the free time you would have if you just focused on the one thing that was bringing in 80% of your clients.

[Tweet “Think of all that free time you would have if you only focused on the 80% of your marketing that’s working!”]

And taking that one step further…

Think of how many more clients you could attract if you spend 80% or more of your time focusing and improving on what was already working.

Now don’t run off and just market on Facebook because that is what is working for me… your market might be completely different.

I have clients using Google Ads, in-person networking, speaking, even Pinterest.

Find out what is uniquely your best marketing strategy.

2.  Reactivate Past Clients and Customers

This is one that is literally right under your nose.

Your past clients and customers already know, like, and trust you.

They’ve probably given you an amazing testimonial and perhaps even referred other ideal clients to you.

What is the next step for them in regards to your expertise or topic?

Could you create something just for them?

Could you create a special package just for them?

Do they have new goals they are working on and they could use some support around that?

You are constantly growing and learning new things so you can pass that on to them.

For example, I am now helping other people with Facebook ad campaigns along with all the other results.

I strongly believe that before you dive in and invest in Facebook ads you need some foundational pieces set up in your business and you need your messaging correct.

So my Facebook ads program seems to be a great fit for those that I’ve already worked with to set up the foundation in their business.

I also have Club Ali’i Group Coaching and Mastermind that many of my past 1:1 mentorship clients are taking part in.

3.  Go Back To What Worked In The Past

Was a marketing strategy working well in your business and for whatever reason you just stopped?

We can all get distracted by new shiny marketing gimmicks, so take a moment to look back and see what worked for you in the past.

If I look back I see that in-person networking, workshops, and speaking really worked well for me in the past.

I have about a 75% closing rate on the phone but if I’ve met someone in-person, and they are an ideal client, my percentage goes up to about 95%.

There are other factors to consider when going re-starting what worked in the past.

Is it worth it?

Would I rather keep my 75% virtual closing rate and not go through all the rigamarole of in-person meetings?

Would I rather dump all the virtual marketing and just focus on in-person and have the better closing rate?

Do whatever is right for you when resurrecting old strategies that worked.

Remember it isn’t just about the numbers either, you have to account for your lifestyle around here in my programs because we don’t want to take all the risk of being an entrepreneur just to give ourselves a j-o-b we don’t like.

4.   The Big Sale

There is nothing wrong with having a sale.

I see some pressure in the entrepreneurial community to never have a sale or the mindset of “Oh I can’t have a sale that would be devaluing my worth, my program, my gifts, and the reason for living.”

Seriously, get over yourself, and have a sale or promotion if you want to boost your cash flow and get some excitement around your business.

You will also really learn some things about your business by having a big sale.

For example, you might learn that pricing really isn’t a factor for your ideal clients.

And it isn’t that they are wealthy people, but that price isn’t a factor.

It could be that “right timing” is the motivation for your ideal clients.

And here you were all this time worrying that your prices were too high when really it was timing or some emotional response.

Whatever the case you will learn a great deal about yourself and your ideal clients with you have a really big sale.

If you are still hung up on the “charging what you are worth/discounting” factor here is something you can do…

You can make the sale for a limited time or a limited number of spaces.

This way you are causing a lot of interest and excitement and also an urgency to your possible clients.

5. Increase Your Prices

Price increases are almost the big sale strategy in reverse but yield the same cash flow. 

[Tweet “Price increases are almost the big sale strategy in reverse but yield the same cash flow. “]

Most service-based entrepreneurs I run into are grossly undercharging.

[Tweet “Most service-based entrepreneurs I run into are grossly undercharging.”]

Most just look at what other people are pricing their programs and may even charge less to undercut the competition. 

Don’t do it!

Stay in your lane!

No matter how much you charge, someone is going to say, “I can’t afford it”.

[Tweet “No matter how much you charge, someone is going to say, “I can’t afford it”.”]

And someone else is going to say, “I can afford it – that is a great value for what you are offering”.

I don’t want this to turn into a podcast on pricing because that is a really large subject.

But take a look and see when was the last time you increased your prices.

Make a really big deal out of increasing your prices too.

Alert your email list and share it all over social media.

Personally, email your private clients that need to be reactivated or prospects that you think would be a great fit.

They just might take the urgency of your price increase as motivation to get started.


So let me know if you try any of these strategies and if they worked for you.

You can let me know in the Facebook group, tag me on social media, or leave your comment on the show notes comment section below.

Pau Hana Escape Artists!

Work is done on this episode!

Have you heard these tips before?

Did they spark new ideas or a-ha’s this time hearing it because you are at a different level in your life and business now?

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A hui ho!

(Until we meet again)

Sending you Aloha.

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