I know how completely disheartening it is when you hit “publish” on your sales page on your website and no one buys.

You were giddy with excitement when you put your program together and wrote up the sales page and wanted to share it with the world.

You’ve spent a lot of time creating the perfect packages for your ideal clients.

You’ve mustered up the courage to leap from a “dollars for hours” model to offering premium packages and programs.

You’ve paid your dues sharing your offer in Facebook groups day in and day out.

So why are your program and service packages not selling?

Well, there could be many reasons.

I’m writing this so that you can Identify what could be the reason for you quickly and you can then start selling so you can serve people with your expertise.

Awareness of what the issue is in your particular case is a big piece of this puzzle.

Awareness is the first step to how we fix this!

But I don’t want you to mistake or confuse a money mindset block or a lack of wealth consciousness for the real issue.

You could very well have a mindset block.

Most of us do in some way that we have to create a daily practice to overcome.

However, never misdiagnose yourself as having a poor money mindset when you simply just don’t know how to sell your programs and services.

[Tweet “Never claim you have a money mindset block when really you just haven’t learned how to sell!”]

I see a lot of this type of chatter in the service-based entrepreneur community.

Mindset is extremely important, but I see a lot of people using that as an excuse for their lack of sales ability.

Funny, when you make a few sales all that money mindset block stuff is miraculously cured.

[Tweet “Funny, when you make a few sales all that money mindset block stuff is miraculously cured.”]

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Your Packages and Programs Are Not Selling:


1.  The Wrong Target Market (For You)

I believe there is such a thing as the “right” target market for you.

Certain people will be naturally attracted to you and your work.

You could have the exact same program outline as someone else and not sell a thing if the market you are going after is not in sync with you.

This is why I often warn people of modeling someone else too closely.

When you model someone else too closely and use their words you run the risk of attracting their type of people as well.

When they get to know you better inside your program there will be a mismatch and you may have a lot of customer service issues or not really sell any of your programs or packages from your free consult call.


2.  Would You Buy It?

You’ve got to be so in love with your program that you would want to buy it yourself.

This is similar to #1 above, attracting the right target market for you.

Like attracts like so if you wouldn’t buy your program, then it is likely that those that are similar to you wouldn’t buy it.

You must be excited about sharing your program a lot because you will need to get enough eyes on it.

You must also be super excited about delivering the work behind the program as well.

Check in with yourself and see if you would buy your program as is or do you need to spruce it up a bit.

Are you excited to deliver the work needed to fulfill your package or program?

If there is any resistance there, you may want to change things up a bit.


3.  Your Price Frequency Is Off

Your price frequency has a lot to do with whether your programs will sell or not.

You might be surprised that it isn’t always that your prices are too high.

Many times your prices are too low!

You can not underreach or overreach when setting your pricing.

It must be at the same frequency that you are right now.

Not what anyone else is charging, but what you should be charging.

This should be good news for you!

You can stop looking around at all your so-called competition and stop comparing your prices.

What other people are charging does not matter.

It matters where you are at in your positioning, branding, and your wealth consciousness practices and sales ability.

Now, if you are looking to increase your frequency, you can do things like invest time and money into developing yourself via self-development books and courses and/or coaching and create a daily wealth consciousness practice.

4.  The “You” Is Missing

Your packages and programs must be uniquely you to stand out in the marketplace, to attract the right clients to you, and for you to have more fun in your business.

The last thing you want to do when you are taking so much risk as an entrepreneur and putting in so much time to your business is to give yourself a job.

Make it fun!

What can you add to your programs or packages to make them not only stand out but also what could you do that would make delivering the work fun for both you and your client?


5.  You Created Exactly What You Thought People “Really Needed”

Creating exactly what you think people “really needed” is something new entrepreneurs seem to do because they are told by a lot of online gurus to do market research and find out what their market “really needs”.

This is true, but what they fail to tell you is that you also have to create something that people want.

Yes, people have to desire and really want something for them to pull out their credit card and make a purchase.

Have you ever heard of that phrase “Sell them what they want, give them what they need”?

People don’t always buy things that are good for them and that they need – they have to want it.

There are some deeper questions you can ask during your market research calls and product testing that can help you out in figuring out if people want what you are creating.

You can also think back to what you would have wanted and needed when you were where your client is right now.

What would you like to have had when you were struggling with your topic?

In number 2 above, “Would You Buy It?”, is similar to this concept but “Would You Buy It?” is asking would you buy it currently, not would you have wanted and needed it in the past when you were where they are.

Most people attract clients that are just a few steps behind them, so thinking back a few steps to what you would have wanted and needed is a great place to start.

This is exactly how I started creating my Club Ali’i Group Coaching and Mastermind program.

I thought about everything I would have liked to have all in one place so I didn’t have to go searching all over the internet and signing up for a bunch of different programs by a bunch of different people and organized it all into one program.


6.  Haven’t Mastered The Art (& Science) of Sales Conversations

This is the big one I mentioned in the intro.

You can’t mistake your poor sales ability for money mindset block!

[Tweet “You can’t mistake your poor sales ability for money mindset block!”]

Now, of course, you may very well have a money mindset block… but I’m sorry to say… you might just really suck at sales. :(

But I think this is great news!

Fixing your sales ability is far easier than clearing up twenty years of money mindset conditioning.

[Tweet “Fixing your sales ability is far easier than clearing up twenty years of money mindset conditioning.”]

There is an art and science to crafting your free consultations and sales conversations.

[Tweet “There is an art and science to crafting your free consultations and sales conversations.”]

There is a certain way to handle objections in order to lovingly move your prospect out of fear and into a program that will really help them move forward on their goals.

Mastering sales conversations is something I spend weeks on with my private client mentorships and in Club Ali’i Group Coaching and Mastermind, along with money mindset blocks.

But personally, I think improving sales ability is far easier than the daily work that needs to go into mindset strengthening. :)


7.  You Haven’t Shown Your Prospect The Value Or There Is An Unanswered Question

Usually when you get objections from your prospect like “I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have time”, or “I have to check with my significant other”, it is because of an unanswered question or the fact that you haven’t shown them the value.

This could also be from the way you position yourself in the marketplace and how you conduct and behave on your sales conversation, but it could also be that you have not shown the value or there is an unanswered question.

In this case, you have to hold the space for them and be the expert.

You have to dig a little bit and ask some uncomfortable questions to get to the bottom of the real issue so you can move them through it.

There is a certain way to construct your sales conversation and position yourself as the expert right in the beginning of the call so that you receive fewer objections and you have the permission to dig a little further and overcome any objections that do come up.

Some structures can also be put into place even before you get on the phone with a prospect.

Before you jump on the phone, have a questionnaire that the prospect fills out so you know what to expect and can tailor your conversation to them.

You’ll find that the different features and benefits that you offer in your programs and services are more or less important to certain people.

They all have a slightly different set of needs and desires.

By having the questionnaire filled out before the call, you can highlight the areas that are more important to them to make the sales process easier on everyone.

Don’t be afraid to be the expert that you are.

[Tweet “Don’t be afraid to be the expert that you are.”]


Bonus Tip!

Are you offering your packages and programs enough?

Are you making it easy for people to work with you?

Many times we feel like we are over-marketing and bugging people.

Remember that you see all your marketing going out and it could feel like a bit of overkill or too much.

However, your prospects are probably really busy people and they are not seeing everything that goes out the same as you do.

I wish I had a more advanced strategy to overcome this one, but honestly, you simply just have to get over it and offer your programs and services consistently.

You also have to structure your website, marketing emails, social media posts in a way that makes it easy for your prospects to take the next step with you.


Could any of these reasons be what is keeping you from your freedom business and luxury lifestyle?

Could any of these reasons be what is keeping you from your freedom business and luxury lifestyle?

Of course, there could be many more reasons why your packages and programs are not selling, but these are the reasons I see most often from coaching hundreds of service-based entrepreneurs.

Another frustrating part about this is that we can rarely see the issue ourselves but someone else looking from the outside of your business can spot the problem in about 3 minutes.

This is why my Aloha Strategy Sessions are so powerful!

I can usually see the issue or challenge pretty quickly so you have clarity around it and can leave the call with the exact next action steps to take to start fixing it.

Sound good?

Then I invite you to request your complimentary Aloha Strategy Session today!

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