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Welcome to the Erica Duran Show – Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Design Radio Episode 80 – Do What You Love with Jackie Kotei.

I’m broadcasting from the Palazzo in Las Vegas Nevada today.

And I’ve been here awhile but I never knew that there was a complimentary night time show right next store over at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Every 30 minutes or so at night there is a little show on the Lake of Dreams and it is different each time.

I saw it first from way above on the top floor of the Palazzo and it looked honestly kinda creepy over there in all the trees and with all the effects and projections and hydraulics.

But when I finally made my way over to the show closer to the ground it was amazing. 

The effects, the music, and the imagination of it all. 

So check it out the next time you find yourself in Las Vegas.

Who knows?

Maybe we’ll meet there in one of my upcoming Club Ali’i Mastermind retreats.

Today’s interview will help make that desire to see more of the world, a reality.

I will share secrets on how I stay at the best resorts and enjoys the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Along with some simple mindset practices that you can do to strengthen your wealth consciousness.

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