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Welcome to the Erica Duran Show – Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Design Radio Episode 71 – 7 Keys to Consistent Income!

I’m still here in Las Vegas Nevada enjoying being in a bigger city for a bit and hosting my VIP Day Intensives in some very glamorous spaces here.

VIP Days are really one of my favorite ways to work so I’m going to be adding much more in the next few quarters coming up.

That brings me to a good point to share.

You can create your programs and offerings the way it is the most joyous for YOU!

I see people playing a bit too small with this area in their businesses.

They seem to have this chatter in their head that they shouldn’t play full out or they are constantly thinking “What would my clients like in my programs” or even worse they think or have chatter around “What is my competition doing, maybe I should just model that because it is working for her obviously, blah blah blah.

And this is so sad.

I’m guessing that they don’t think this through in that your audience is attracted to YOU for a reason.

If you put more YOU into your programs, more things that light you up – pretty much 100% of the time it is going to light your followers up too.

But this is a topic for another show I didn’t mean to go down that rabbit hole but it just is something that frustrates me.

This episode is all about keeping your income consistent – one of the biggest challenges for the modern online entrepreneur.

We tend to struggle for a long time if we don’t invest in support or coaching.

And then when we finally start to figure it out this pieces comes up.

The consistent income. 

The feast or famine cycle.

I usually see this with my clients when they start hitting the $15K to $20K month mark.

I mean to most people in the U.S. and even the world that are quite a nice income and not the norm for the people you are probably hanging out with.

So when you first hit a big month like that there is a tendency to take your foot off the gas and have a bit of a false sense of security around this.

You might have even noticed this on Facebook or other social media with someone that you’ve been following.

You see them ramp it up and there is so much particle flow happening and there are emails flying, tweets, videos, post after post for a free call and then it just stops.

Comes to a screeching halt!

They’ve filled their client roster or program and they are swamped with client work.

Then a few weeks or months go by and they look up from their desk and there is no one there.

So then they get out and ramp it all up again.

And this can cause quite a lot of eye-rolling on Facebook.

People watching and saying “Oh jeez she is at it again”.

And there is no shame, we’ve all done this and caused some eye rolls on our business.

I’m not talking about a launch sequence.

I’m more meaning when someone is just all over the place all of a sudden and then they disappear.

Sometimes there is a mindset of something like “Oh, I’ve arrived.  I’ve hit the $20K month mark.  Things will never be as hard like they were.  I won’t ever have to struggle again.”

And this is entirely wrong.

If you stop marketing.

It stops.

Now, you don’t have to be the one marketing and hustling so hard but you can’t just depend on the marketing you’ve done in the past and hope that your current clients and customers refer – and that is your only source or hope – getting referrals.

Referrals are great and I just did an entire episode on my system for getting referrals that don’t feel awkward and I’ll link that in the show notes at

But back to the point, you don’t have to be the one doing all the marketing now.

Maybe you can now invest in Facebook Ads or Google Ads or in some sort of industry referral websites like Noomii.comm or

In fact, this is what I tell my clients exactly.

My goal with them is that they make enough money quickly so they can invest in someone or something else doing a lot of the marketing for them.

Also so they don’t spend weeks or months on learning something as complicated as Facebook ads can be at first.

Make the money and THEN hire a Facebook ads team or an Infusionsoft team.

Invest in coaching and support.

That is how you collapse timelines and work a 3-day work week and not go into a bunch of overwhelm about technology or your sales funnels.

Something or someone has to be consistently marketing for you.

That being said – there are lots of other ways to make your income more consistent along with consistent marketing and that is what we’re talking about today.

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