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Welcome to the Erica Duran Show – Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Design Radio Episode 70 Visibility vs. Revenue Generating Activities!

I said something when I was on the Entrepreneur On Fire Show last month and it is getting tweeted out quite a bit and repeated back to me when I am on the free Aloha Session with people.

What I said was, “Do you want to be internet famous or do you want to make money?”

[Tweet “Do you want to be internet famous or do you want to make money?”]

And like I explained on the show – those two things eventually intertwine and cross over and get very blurry.

But when you are starting out – you have to make that decision.

Are you needing to get out of a job and make money really quickly?

Or, are you OK with your job situation and you prefer to build a big audience and community first and then come out with an offering?

Or another example may be that you want to get a book traditionally published and that is your main goal.

From what I’ve seen, the traditional publisher business has really changed and there needs to be more of a joint effort in promoting the book – from what I’ve seen they are looking for you to have a following of at least 5,000 people.

So in this case, your main goal would be to build your following and making money from the book or some sort of offering after it is released like consulting or speaking would be secondary.

You have to be really clear on your main goal or decision and each time an opportunity comes up you need to bump it up against what you’ve decided.

Because we only have so many hours in the day.

So when that opportunity comes into your inbox for you to be part of a video summit, you thinking might go something like this: 

“Well, my main goal is to make money right now.  This video summit would be great visibility for me and I’ll get a link back to my site.  This summit will probably take about 4-6 hours to prep for.  If I put 4-6 hours into directly contacting my target market on Facebook and reaching out – that would probably get me to my goal of making money faster than the summit.”

So see, decisions get easier when you know what your main goal is.

[Tweet “All decisions are easier when you clearly know what your main #1 goal is.”]

Another example I get a lot in my Free Aloha Strategy Sessions is someone wanting to start a blog and thinking that they will get enough money from pay per click affiliate links. 

Or they think they will get clients from their brilliant blog articles.

In this case, I would say that blogging is a pure visibility task or venture. 

It usually takes either quite a long time to build a following that way if you are not already in the public eye.

Or, you would have to do a ton of guest blogging or SEO or keyword research to get the momentum you need to make money from a blog in most cases.

So in this example, this person might be better off spending those 2-3 hours per day on blog activities and rather put that time towards reaching out to power partners (those who are in complementary industries or have the same target market but not your competition).

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