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Welcome to the Erica Duran Show – Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Design Radio Episode 65 The 8 Traits Of A Successful Modern Entrepreneur.

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So I did a little survey of my audience recently and I was a little surprised.

Which is exactly why we all need to survey our audiences, clients, and customers – so we know what they really think.

We can’t just guess what people want or think because more than likely we’ll guess wrong!

This is one of the reasons why when you create a program or package without doing the research, there are no sales.

You hit publish on your sales page or open your online shopping cart and crickets!  Nothing!

In this survey over 80% of respondents said that they prefer the solo episodes to this podcast over the ones with guests.

This is really flattering I guess, but a surprise to me.

Now, I’m currently recording more solo episodes and we are also changing the format for the guest’s episodes to fit what the audience prefers.

You can see we take action really quickly from the feedback we receive.

If you didn’t participate in the survey but would like to give your opinion you can email us anytime at [email protected]

And we would greatly appreciate your review on iTunes – I think we have all most 50 now and I read and are grateful for every single one.  If this show has helped you in any way, I’d love to hear about it.

We are also not going to be mailing for the video summits we participate in.  The summits I participate in are always around starting a freedom business so passing on the invitation I thought could be helpful so you could see how hundreds of people did it.

But again, the reader feedback coming in is saying that they don’t want invitations to video summits.  And I’m listening.

I’ll still post them on social media, so you won’t miss them – but I won’t be mailing the invite.

There are a few that I have scheduled but what I did was discuss a compromise with the video summit host.

I’m going to be mailing a piece of content such as how to set up your home or office to record a video summit or how to get yourself on these summits, but I won’t be doing any of the solo mailers for them with the canned responses.

Now, this week we are going to be discussing the 8 traits of successful modern entrepreneurs.  Good News! Women already naturally possess 6 of these 8 traits!

[Tweet “Women, our courage hasn’t caught up with our opportunity ~ Ali Brown”]

This is a topic I learned about 4 years ago from one of my mentors and it seems us women are still working on those last 2 traits, but I’ve seen us getting a lot better over the past 4-5 years – so that is good news too!

[Tweet “With things being so intangible in our lives, it is even more important to be organized.”]

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