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Welcome to Episode 61 of The Erica Duran Show – Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Design Radio.

This week we are going to chat about Mindless Automated Design.

That is another fancy way to say basically “building good habits” that will support you and your goals.

Willpower is exhausting and you’ll want to save that energy to actually work on your goals:  whether it is your health, business, relationships, etc.

You need to set your life up for your default “lazy” self.

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Now I’m not saying that you are lazy.

But when you’re tired or hungry or emotionally upset you can make poor decisions that can really slow you down when going after your goals.

Setting things up so you don’t have to think or argue with yourself if you are going to do something or not is so much easier than trying to hope that you’ll do the right thing.

So a quick example would be to just block off something like 7AM in your calendar each day to go to the gym and setting out your gym clothes the night before, filling your water bottle. 

There is no argument with yourself. 

It is on the calendar. 

There isn’t a well I kinda tired I don’t feel like it – I want to check my email first. 

Nothing like that. 

It is scheduled, you go. Period.

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You are going to have an environment anyway – why not put it to work supporting you and your goals to create the lifestyle and business you’ve always wanted.

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