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Welcome to the Erica Duran Show – Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Design Radio Ep 60 Radio Show Q&A #5 “More $20K Week Secrets”

We are broadcasting to you live today from the ocean view conference room on the Pacific Terrace at the Inn At Laguna Beach with a Panoramic view of the Pacific!

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 This week I hosted a live laser coaching session and Q&A call just because I wanted to share more that learned beyond our first call in May.

I started out by sharing the 3 main concepts from our call last month that I feel helped me break through to the new income level.

If you missed the Q&A call in May you can catch it at

Then, I shared 3 fresh new concepts that I believe helped me and my brand finally break that feast of famine cycle and then we went into the questions.

We had questions come in on Facebook groups, sales, branding, and more.

There was a bit of a technology glitch where for some time I couldn’t see people’s hands raised – so you’ll hear that most of the call is answering questions from the chat box and email.

If you would like to participate live next time and get your questions answered or maybe work through a struggle you are having right there on the spot just go to and RSVP for our next live session.

Who knows? One little shift in perspective can really get that money faucet flowing for you.

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