Well, I don’t normally recommend people just up and quitting their jobs as I did when they come to me for coaching and mentoring.

First, I usually help them to create a plan to ease their way out of their day job.

But, for some, they are just going to take the leap into job freedom without everything planned and lined up in place.

I think about a week or two after Stacy first came to mentor with me she answered my weekly call with “guess what I just quit my job!”.

This was exciting, but I am sure quite scary for a single gal in her late twenties at the time.

She also overcame another fear that I see so often with new entrepreneurs – many are afraid to declare a niche market to go after.

They fear that they need any client from anywhere to make ends meet and get their momentum going.

But, falling to define your market makes it so hard to find the people you can help or serve.

It makes the task of marketing so overwhelming that marketing efforts are often procrastinated on which leads to a feast of famine cycle in your business.

Stacy actually had her niche of organizing for child development all picked out before our first call and that was impressive.

She is also quite fond of tech, so we’ll find out some of her favorite tools that she can’t live without.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • We’ll meet Stacy Erickson.  Stacy is a professional organizer the same as part of my current services, however, she has found a way to highly specialize her niche.  So we’ll hear how she specialized and niched her organizing services without feeling like she was turning people away that she could possibly help or earn an income from in those shoestring budget first years.
  • We’ll talk to her about how she left her day job to own not just one but two dream lifestyle businesses.
  • Also, we discuss some ways that Stacy uses technology to free up time in her day for her business.

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Guest: Stacy Erickson

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