Design psychology coach and author Rebecca West helps her clients see their houses with new eyes and harness the amazing potential in their homes!

She’s an interior designer who doesn’t actually care if you ever buy a new sofa, but rather just cares that your home really works for you.

Her practical and positive design guidance helps you gain effective tools to shape a new reality and make tangible changes in your life, home, and relationships.

She knows first-hand the power of the home to help move past old relationships and unproductive habits, and she’s eager to help you make your own changes in your home and life!

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Rebecca will tell us a little about her upcoming book, “Happy Starts At Home” and how your home can drag you down or set you free?
  • How to move on without moving out: psychologically moving when you can’t physically leave your house.
  • How your outer world changes your inner world.  Why does it matter so much what the environment is like where we work, love and play?

And of course, after the break, we’ll have our Wiki Wiki Round with rapid fire questions.

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