Life is short!  It is time to start taking action to move through that fear!

Today you’ll meet Michael Carbone!

Michael is the founder of the ‘Unleash Yourself’ podcast on iTunes.

He’s a lifestyle entrepreneur who helps small business owners increase leads, traffic, and sales by teaching them how to harness the power behind hosting their own live webinars.

He also completed what is known as the hardest day in all of the sporting world: the Ironman triathlon.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Why Michael read the 4 Hour Work Week but he didn’t take action right away.  We’ll hear about what was holding him back.  Something that I think all of us have been through – wanting something with all your heart like making a big lifestyle change and then feeling like it isn’t possible for you or you let fear take over.
  • We’ll hear how Michael finally jumped into his online business.  What had changed?  And What were some of the first few steps he took?
  • We’ll also learn how he does his marketing and finds his clients and customers now since he is traveling around the world and how did he found his niche.

And of course, after the break, we’ll have our Wiki Wiki Round with rapid fire questions.

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