A big part of living a freedom based lifestyle is having the financial means to support it.

You can downsize your lifestyle, your home, your belongings and all your money obligations to a point, but the truth is that you will always need an income of some sort to support yourself and maybe even your whole family.

I’m betting that part of the freedom you are seeking is the freedom of money worries in your life.

I am also betting that you probably are planning for more time freedom in your life too.

You want to work fewer hours to provide what you need and want to support your life and you want your work to be meaningful and fun, not drudgery.

Money is a subject that is very personal and deep for everyone.

The thoughts you have about money might not even be true or real and could be blocking you from taking that leap into freedom.

I’ve uncovered the seven most common mental money blocks to one having a freedom based lifestyle and have attempted to debunk them for you.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Identify the 7 money blocks that can keep you from freedom
  • Why those 7 blocks are just an illusion holding you back
  • How to overcome these mental money blocks

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