The business and opportunities that come my way from social media has increased so much in the last few years.

I used to get about 10% of my new clients and media opportunities from social media.

Now, especially since I am traveling full time, about 80% of my business comes from “virtual” strangers on social media.

In the past, I’ve written several articles on how to be more productive on social media and get the most out of the time you invest, but I still get requests for more information.

Social media marketing still mystifies and overwhelms many entrepreneurs and business owners when in fact, it is just another method for potential humans to find out about other humans and the products and services they provide.

The strategies of marketing and relationship building haven’t changed that much, but the tools and tactic change often.

I’m guessing that you would like more clients, customers, media gigs and perhaps even speaking opportunities.

You don’t have a “lack of clients” problem, you have an obscurity problem.

Not enough (of your niche market) know you exist.

Social media can productively help you with this in just a few clicks! Social media is not going away, but it does constantly change and evolve.

Popular sites today may not exist in the future.

More and more media like photos and video are being integrated to the platforms nowadays.

And the platforms themselves change so often that it feels like every time you log in something is different.

Rather than rehash another “social media do’s” article, I thought I should share some of the common mistakes “newbies” make on social media.

Let’s dive into the 13 social media #fails you should avoid!

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • 13 Social Media Fails
  • What social media site has the most “pompous asses” on it and what to do when they email you
  • What should you do in real life to get the most interesting posts and get away from your computer

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Podcast Episode 5 Productive Social Media


Article:  #Fail! – 13 Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid

Article:  Ten Quick Tips to Make Your Social Media More Productive

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