Your Business Cocktail is an amazing blend of your passions, your skills and what people actually WANT and WILL pay you for.

Notice I said, “want.”  Many people make the mistake of thinking of an idea for a business and saying something like “Everybody needs this!”

This may be a true statement, but for people to pull out their wallet and credit card they have to want what you are selling.

I also think there is way too much emphasis these days on “finding your passion” to start a business.

Passions don’t always lead to profits.  Sometimes passions trying to mask themselves as businesses become really expensive hobbies.

You may have to follow your passions through a hobby or charity work or some other outlet so that you can have the job freedom and support yourself.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Why creating a product or program that everyone NEEDS isn’t enough.
  •  How to go about uncovering your passions and skills that are two parts to the cocktail.
  • How to arrive at that “ah-ha” or “killjoy” moment when you must decide if you will actually turn a profit with your business idea and what to do from there.

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