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Erica Duran shares how to uplevel your mindset along with the practical tools, systems & structures you need to attract your first high-paying clients

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These are the EXACT steps I took to go from broke and struggling to earning consistent $20K+ months!

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Much of success is not what you are doing but who you are being.

Experience, NOT Theory!

My 10-Day Course is a full immersion into your new freedom based luxury lifestyle!

My 10-Day Course is designed for modern entrepreneurs who desire to take action quickly and get results.

I focus on what you need to get high-paying clients quickly without a lot of busy work.

The FASTER You Start Attracting and Receiving High-Paying Clients, The FASTER You Can Outsource All The Busy Work, Right?

10 Days To Snagging Your First High-Paying Client Course with Erica Duran

What’s Included In Your 10-Day Course?

Day 1 | Design

  • How to uncover your true desires from within and block out the “noise”.
  • Why vision boards made from magazine clippings are a bad idea.
  • How to stay out of reacting to your life and start designing it.
  • How to use your vision and desires to start embodying your dream lifestyle as soon as possible.

After you take the suggested actions of Day 1 you’ll be ahead of 99% of the people out there!

Day 2 | Plan

  • How to plan your day in alignment with your desires instead of reacting to things that happen.
  • How to break a big vision into a small doable task on your calendar.
  • The key to showing up for yourself and getting things done.

Wouldn’t you like to finally be free from procrastination and see the results you are looking for?

Day 3 | Account

  • The exact tool I used to get control of my finances.
  • Why what you are doing isn’t always the path to success.
  • How to create your Freedom Budget.
  • Why new entrepreneurs should only focus on one month at a time.
  • Have a vision for the future, but focus on this month!

Day 4 | Nest

  • What things you absolutely need to have in place in order to receive high-paying clients and what can wait (things are always going to change anyway so why set up things you don’t really need now? Trust me!)
  • What simple tool can position you as the expert and weed out people that are not a good fit for you as a client before you spend time with them on the phone.
  • What you need to have in place immediately when someone signs up to work with you so you can avoid buyers remorse and refunds.

Day 5 | Target

  • What you need to do in order to get clear on who is the right target market for you.
  • How to shift your messaging so that your signature offering/product appeals to many markets.
  • What most new entrepreneurs avoid doing with their target market and it keeps them broke and in research mode forever.

Day 6 | Brand

  • Why I think branding is so important (and not superficial), especially when marketing online.
  • Some simple questions you can start asking yourself to uncover your unique brand essence.
  • An easy way to relate to your target market and position yourself as an expert.
  • A bonus tip that costs very little to do but elevates your brand by thousands!

Day 7 | Package

  • More thoughts on why I believe premium packages are the best way for a service-based entrepreneur to offer their services or bundle their products.
  • The easiest way to create your first premium package without second-guessing yourself.
  • What you absolutely must have in your packages or else they will not sell!

Day 8 | Connect and Close

  • What you should start instead of a slimy or pushy sales pitch.
  • What you need to be painfully obvious about in your sales and marketing.
  • What the one thing is that you should be focusing on to avoid distractions and close the most sales.

Day 9 | Leverage

  • How delegating can greatly increase your productivity… it isn’t what you are thinking.
  • What you should do first so you can hire all the support you need and stop spending time in learning mode and enter earning mode.
  • What you absolutely need to have in place first before you invest in paid advertising (like Facebook ads).

Day 10 | Receive

  • Things you can start and stop doing today to build up your receiving muscles.
  • What you should look for in your life if you think receiving might be a block for you.
  • What you shouldn’t put off creating until you have your first client. Have this in place so you are ready to receive.

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About Erica Duran

Erica is a Freedom Business Model Mentor, Luxury Lifestyle Designer, Digital Marketing Expert, and Minimalist

She launched her online empire in 2004 and quickly grew it to a 6-figure business in just 9 months.

She gives expert guidance, support, and accountability to service-based entrepreneurs so that they can build a business doing what they love and work from anywhere earning a consistent $5K-$20K+ per month.

She recently founded and to help her clients outsource some of the hustle to Google.

She’s a down to earth, relatable, tell-it-like-it-is coach and businesswoman who creates massive results and regularly hits unrealistic goals (and helps her clients do the same) by leveraging a blend of inspired action and intuition with the most effective online marketing strategy.

Erica’s list of clients ranges from brand new business owners to 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs across the online spectrum from authors, speakers, coaches, professional organizers, attorneys, web designers, network marketers, healers, creatives and more.

She leads her community to build businesses and live lives full force, without hesitation, with great impact AND income.

She is a digital nomad that travels full-time staying in AirBnBs and resorts that sponsor her podcast and videos.

Erica’s brand and business are projected to cross the 7-figure mark in 2019.