It May Look Like I Do A Lot Of Random Things, But My Work Is Completely FOCUSED On Helping YOU Design A Freedom Based Lifestyle So You Can Increase Your Free Time, Increase Your Income and Stress LESS...

Lifestyle Design & Business Coaching

When was the last time you took a moment to ask yourself what you really want?

Is the life you have right now a result of reacting to people, situations, and what you think you “should” be doing?

Do you have the time and location independence to support the lifestyle you want?

To see what business and freedom based lifestyle design model is right for your situation…

Contact me for a complimentary “Aloha” phone consultation to see which lifestyle business program is right for you.

Productivity & Time Management Training

Productivity and time management is the platform that your ENTIRE life is built on.  Stop being “busy” and start being productive!

With my program, I guarantee  to save you at least 8 hours per week!

You can use this new “found” time towards increasing your business and income, spending time with family or friends, or just get more time to yourself in a hammock.

Nothing will change, your goals will not be met, unless you start managing your time differently!

Start today by clicking here for productivity and time management training!

Minimalist Lifestyle: De-clutter & Simplify

Every “thing” around you has energy.  Your environment and your “stuff” either support the goals you set and the lifestyle you desire.

Or, your clutter and disarray is literally blocking good opportunities coming your way  and destroying your focus.

Need help clearing the clutter and creating a home and/or office that supports YOU?

It is time to simplify everything in the name of less stress and more ease.

Contact me for your Free “Aloha” session for de-cluttering, systematizing, organizing and simplifying your life.

Web Development & Design

Building a quality website is just too overwhelming  to squeeze in between your already packed schedule.

The biggest productivity fail Erica sees keeping people from living a freedom based lifestyle is their website!

They either have a website and it is not working for them to bring them qualified clients and customers.

Or, they’ve been meaning to get a website up or their current one redesigned and updated.

Together, we can get your website up in 7 Easy Steps!

First, click here to schedule a complimentary “Aloha” website development session with Erica Duran.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) | Get Found on Google

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can sometimes seem like magic.  I can assure you it isn’t magic, but it is a TON of work!

We’re guessing that you don’t even know what you don’t know at this point about SEO with all the recent Google updates. Let me and my team help you navigate through Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird… Oh my!

See if what you are currently doing is pulling your site down on Google or get your new site built correctly and search engine friendly from the start!

Contact Erica for a complimentary SEO evaluation and/or consultation.

Social Media & Internet Marketing

Social Media is not a “fad” it isn’t going anywhere so you’d better get onboard!

Over 80% of Erica’s business is built through the use of social media and internet marketing.  She is invited to live in luxury resorts around the world for free because of the connections she has mad online.   Yet, she only spends a few hours a week online!

Let Erica help you make the most out of your time spent online and make you “virtually” famous.

Sign up today for my 7 Week Productive Social Media Program!

Meet Some of Our Newest "Escape Artists"...

Our Business Is On Track to Double Last Year’s Revenues...

In the year since I first worked with Erica, I have hired 3 part-time assistants and have turned over the other parts of my work to contract professionals so I can focus my time and energy on doing those tasks that only I can do.

The result?  Our business is on track to DOUBLE last year's revenue - and we have had major breakthroughs with potential partners to sky-rocket from there!

Most of all, Erica has giving me the tools to fine peace of mind in my everyday working environment.

No more panic, no more anxiety, no more overwhelm - just confidence and mastery!

~ Peggy Hall, TV Wellness Expert for America Now News

America's Trusted Source for "fad-free" healthy living from American's Favorite Wellness Expert

Aliso Viejo, CA

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I Quit My J-O-B After Just a Few Weeks of Enrolling In Erica’s Coaching Program!

I have worked with Erica for just the past couple of months and my life has already become infinitely better!

With the coaching she has done with me to starting my own Professional Organizer business, I gained the courage to quit my "day job"!

I am now dedicated my work to my business and with the advice and expertise that Erica has given me, I know I cannot fail!

She was exactly what I have been looking for in a coach - supportive, non-judgmental, and incredibly knowledgeable

My friends and family are all incredibly impressed with the progress I've made in such a short amount of time - and I couldn't be happier!

~ Stacy Erickson, Professional Organizer
Seattle, WA

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I Traded Long Work Hours and Traffic for a Virtual Business and Diving Around the World...

I used to drive from customer to customer all day long in the treacherous California traffic.  Erica helped me to simplify and de-clutter my entire life so I could do what I've always wanted - scuba diving around the world.

I set up my business to be completely virtual and now have many systems that save me at least 4 hours of busy work per day!

Before working with Erica I felt stuck and like my life was passing me by.  Now, I still work hard for my customers but not before my morning ocean dive!

~William Boren, Business Consultant & Computer Expert for over 35 years


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Ready to become an “Escape Artist” and design your own freedom based lifestyle that is organized, stress-free and time and location independent?

Or, do you just want to have more free time in your own home town without the struggle and worrying?

Never Settle!

Erica Duran | Freedom Based Lifestyle Design Coach, Published Productivity Expert, Website Developer & SEO

Erica Duran

Freedom Based Lifestyle Designer

Published Business Productivity Expert

Web Development | Internet Marketing | Social Media | SEO Expert

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Grab a copy of Erica Duran's "Top 11 Productivity Tools I Can't Live or Work Without!"

Wait! You've Made It This Far Without Getting Distracted or Clicking Away! Don't Forget Your FREE Gifts!

Get my new Special Report.... "The Top 11 Productivity Tools I Can't Live Or Work Without!" You'll also receive a subscription to my ezine "Focus" (a $97 value).

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