Feeling Overwhelmed? Overworked? Exhausted? Frustrated? Stuck?

You became an entrepreneur to take life into your own hands, be your own boss, make TONS of money, and have total FREEDOM!

But, the honest truth is that you are feeling more stress than ever!

You feel overwhelmed with all the information and strategies that arrive in your inbox everyday.

The idea of having just one day off from your business to enjoy all this so-called “freedom” is an unreachable dream because if you, yourself, are not there or involved the business doesn’t happen.

Erica Duran helps struggling entrepreneurs

You don’t have to struggle with your business!

You spend long hours, mostly alone, in your home office or running to a myriad of networking events that never really produce the results you need to be profitable. (Or, even worse! You are getting into even more debt because you are buying other people’s products at these events!) Not to mention all the time spent going to get acquainted lunches and coffee dates! Ugh!

You were once extremely passionate about your business, but now find most of your time spent on routine tasks and “busy” work making your dream business feel like just another j-o-b.

Perhaps you are making a really good income, but you have little or no systems, teams members, or automation in place. A lot of your work is done “by hand” and you just know you are missing so many opportunities.

Actually, you probably could be a little more organized and productive with your day-to-day work and take weekends off. But you believe that you can’t afford to do anything fun because you are not hitting your financial goals.

You feel like you have all the pieces, but always have the feeling like there is just one thing keeping you from “putting it all together”.

- Or -

Maybe you climbed the corporate ladder for years and now it is time to FINALLY leap off!

You have no idea where to begin your “escape plan” and get your business off the ground, but you are constantly thinking about how you will do things one day.

Erica Duran helps new entrepreneurs

Get the freedom you crave!

You don’t take any action for fear of doing something “wrong” or just plain fatigue from your day j-o-b.

The thought of leaving your steady paycheck and benefits is riddled with anxiety.

You want to start a business with your “free” time but are so exhausted from long days of corporate politics, commuting and boring meetings that you just “veg” on the weekends and overspend on things you don’t need.

You have a ton of questions about marketing, building websites, automation and in what order should all this be set up.

I have programs designed specifically to help people overcome these sorts of challenges and achieve the kind of results that you are looking for.

Basically, I Do 5 Things with Clients:

1. Clarify Your Direction

2. Strategize Your Actions

3. Upgrade Your Skills

4. Optimize Your Environment

5. Master Your Psychology

I would love to work with you personally to guide you on how to systematize and automate your business so you can take back your weekends! Or, help you to make that leap into entrepreneurship!


Schedule Your Ultimate Freedom Based Lifestyle Design Session Today!

And, if you don’t feel you are “ready yet”… ask yourself one question… “How are things going to get better?” Escape the Rat Race – Start Your Life!


Start Now!

Never Settle!

Focus, Clarity and Freedom!

Erica Duran, Business Productivity Expert and Coach | Certified Professional Organizer®

Erica Duran

Freedom Based Lifestyle Design Coach

Published Business Productivity Expert

Web Devleoper | Inernet Marketer | SEO


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